Evans Hybrid® Capacitors provide pulse laser power for JSF EOTS

THQ Hybrid Capacitors provide unmatched power density for the newest designs of airborne laser tageting pods. Evans Hybrid Capacitors with years of experience in the LMCo Sniper ATP laser, lead to their selection in the JSF EOTS.
Evans Hybrid Capacitors provide high current pulse power for virtually all new design targeting pods from LMCo, Northrop Grumman, L3, DRS, and others.

Evans Capacitor Company manufactures hermetically-sealed tantalum electrochemical and electrolytic/electrochemical capacitors used in aviation and aerospace for laser targeting, communications modules, controls, cockpit displays, phased array radars, fire control and other systems. Evans Capacitor Hybrids produce up to 2 joules/cc. and 0.5 joules/g. They are used by virtually every Tier 1 defense and aerospace contractor.




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