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High Reliability Double Layer Capacitor
presented at the 10th Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium (CARTS), March 28, 1995
David A Evans


A new double layer capacitor has been developed for use in high reliability and military applications. This device was designed for continuous operation over the temperature range of -55 to +85C, and to withstand commonly specified environmental conditions.

This paper describes the design and test results for 11 volt, 0.47F double layer capacitors. The device, called the Capattery is housed in a welded all-tantalum package with innovative features to extend life. Tests at 85C and 11 volts show excellent performance beyond 2000 hours. Charge/discharge cycling at 85C shows exceptionally stable performance past 20,000 cycles. The results of voltage and thermal stress conditions, created to accelerate failure of the devices are reported. Tests and performance measurements are continuing, to determine the full performance capability of these double layer capacitors.


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