EVANS Capacitor Company in Space Shuttle and ISS

Space Shuttle and ISSThe Evans Capacitor Company supplies Hybrid Capacitors to a number of space applications.

International Space Station

Evans' Supplier
                                              Excellence Award from
                                              Lockheed Martin

Evans Capacitor is AS9100 certified

Hybrid Capacitors are used in the power conversion module on board the Space Shuttle.  This module allows the shuttle to tap into the International Space Station power grid.  With access to ISS power, the shuttle is able to remain docked at the ISS for longer. ThQ1 and THQ3 Hybrid capcitors were chosen for this application due to their power density, high reliability and environmental ruggedness.

Hybrid Capacitors are also used on the International Space Station for power interruption buffering and filtering of DC power. In other space applications, Hybrid capacitors are specified in a number of Satellite programs, providing pulse and back up power. Rigorous screening and qualifications have demonstrated the performance and reliability of Evans Hybrid Capacitors for use in manned and unmanned space applications.

Hybrid Capacitors utilize Evans patented Hybrid® Capacitor technology, which provides very high power density compared with other tantalum capacitors. Hybrid Capacitors have a tantalum pentoxide dielectric, in conjunction with a Ruthenium oxide cathode, providing high single cell voltages (high power density for pulse applications) and high capacitance (high energy density for power back up applications).

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