Evans Capacitor Company was honored to be the recipient  of the SBA 2018 National Subcontractor of the Year award.

Lockheed Martin recognized Evans Capacitor Company and 18 other small business suppliers at a ceremony in Orlando, FL on May 8th, 2018. Chosen from over 9000 suppliers, Evans Capacitor Company was recognized for their exemplary on time delivery record and quality performance.

Air Missile defense
Evans Capacitor Company is proud to sponsor the  3rd Annual Integrated Air and Missile Defense conference taking place from 9/27-9/29 in Washington DC. This event is a gathering of local and international military personnel, US lawmakers and a variety of industry partners to gain insight on and address the challenges faced in existing and future Air and Missile Defense technologies.

Evans Capacitor Company presented a discussion of DC power storage for High Power GaN systems in a WEBCAST Feb 9, at 11:00 am hosted by Military Embedded Systems

To register for the WEBCAST please use the link:


United States Senator, Jack Reed and
Under Secretary of Defense, Frank Kendall
visit the Evans Capacitor Company booth during
SENEDIA, Defense Innovation days

ECC in Global Defense

Evans Capacitor featured in

Global Defense Technology
June 2016

TDD Series Hybrid Capacitors

TDD sketch


HC Series Meet Mil STD 39006-H
SHOCK and VIBRATION Requirements
500g shock (51g Random 80g sinusoidal)


Evans TDD Hybrid Capacitors provide energy storage for Lawrence Livermore NL "HAPLS" high power LASER system


Evans Capacitor Company Corporate Sponsor
The Green Beret Foundation
2015, 2016

pbn award

Evans Capacitor Company
is presented

"Award for Overall Excellence as a Small Manufacturer"

by the Providence Business News
April 24, 2014

pbn certificate

Dave Evans is Keynote speaker at CARTS (Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium) March 26th, 2013

Keynote: "Hybrid Capacitors in Energy Applications"

Presented Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | 9:00 am

arrowhead dsa

Apache ‘Eyes’ Pass Million-Hour Mark

Evans Capacitor Powers Arrowhead (M-TADS/PNVS)  With Capacitor Banks

Modernized Day Sensor Assembly
Also Powered by Evans Caps


building Evans Expands footprint / capacity at Boyd Ave Location. Now over 15,000 sq ft of manufacturing, office and warehouse space in one modern facility.

Evans Hybrid® Capacitors power new Phased Element Radar on USN E‑2D Advanced Hawkeye

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TDD Series Hybrid capacitors

HyCap Series Hybrid capacitors DSCC 93026 & 10004

stud photo Stud Mounting for THQ, TDD, and THS Hybrid Capacitors THS Studs

paltinum award
 The Evans Capacitor Company  Preferred Supplier Award from Lockheed Martin

shuttle at ISS

JSF EOTS Evans Hybrid® Capacitors Provide high current pulse power for JSF EOTS electro-optical Targeting system

blue ribbon
Evans Capacitor wins Blue Ribbon Award from U.S. Chamber of Commerce


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