Technical Papers

Selection and Application of Electrochemical Capacitors
John R. Miller


Successful use of electrochemical capacitors in cornmercial, military, or other applications requires an intimate knowledge of both their properties and their performance capability. Electrochemical capacitors are unique-they differ in many respects from conventional capacitors. Although often used as substitutes for batteries, they differ significantly in properties and performance from these components too. Thus, engineering approaches specific to electrochemical capacitors are needed.

This paper discusses electrochemical capacitors. It presents equivalent circuits that can be used to model the electrical behavior of such devices. Proven approaches are given for using this type of capacitor in rnany cornrnon applications. A foundation is provided so that they can be engineered into new applications. The objective is to provide sufficient technical information such that system engineers can readily exploit, with a high level of confidence, this important technology.



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